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WTA Future Stars Junior Race To Singapore: Hong Kong

The WTA Future Stars event is held yearly in conjunction with the WTA Finals. Top U14 and U16 female tennis players from the region are provided valuable experiences and exclusive insight into the world of professional women’s tennis.


Hong Kong’s very own Au-Yeung Kit Yi Kaye and Wan Skylar will join our U14 and U16 girls at the WTA Future Stars event. Au-Yeung and Wan are no strangers to representing Hong Kong at tournaments overseas and will be playing in Singapore for the first time this October.

Au Yeung Kit Yi Kaye

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to play at the WTA Future Stars event in Singapore. It is an honor to be able to represent Hong Kong again and I will practice and try my best to win the matches when I’m there”, Au-Yeung said after winning the U14 category in qualifying tournament.

The fourteen year-old is not only known for her determination, but also her forward-thinking. Au-Yeung had it all planned out when speaking to the WTA Finals team about her long-term and short-term goals in tennis. One of Au-Yeung’s long-term goals is to be a certified coach and teach children how to play the sport. Tennis has given so much to her and she feels it would only be right for her to give back.

Au-Yeung had been a sports lover since young. When she was in Grade 1, she chose mini-tennis as her “after-school-activity”. It did not take her long to start winning matches and by Grade 3, she decided this was the sport she was going to pursue and threw herself into the world of tennis wholeheartedly.

“I love chasing every ball and returning as hard as I can. I also like making my opponent run from side to side,” the Hong Kong No.19 said with a cheeky grin when asked what she enjoys about playing tennis.

Au-Yeung constantly draws inspiration from her favorite tennis player, Venus Williams. She looks up to Venus’ dedication to tennis and is in awe of her ability to play such high quality professional tennis at her age.

“I hope to learn from every opponent I play with and get more on-court experience in Singapore. Hopefully, along the way, I can make some new friends too,” Au-Yeung spoke, about what she hopes to experience in Singapore.

Wan Skylar

Wan, like Au-Yeung, hopes to learn from her opponents and exchange skills and knowledge at the WTA Future Stars event in Singapore. For the longest time, it has been one of Wan’s goals to represent Hong Kong at tournaments overseas.

“Representing Hong Kong at the WTA Future Stars event is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very humbled to have qualified. I cannot wait for the event to start,” Wan chirped, unable to contain her excitement.

The ATF Qatar Asian Junior U14 doubles champion has been so successful at chasing her dreams that she was nominated for the “Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Award” by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.

This time, though, it was another Williams that inspired Wan. The sixteen year-old looks up to Venus’ sister, Serena Williams. She admires her unique playing style, personality and determination. Serena’s ability to problem-solve and adapt during a match has left Wan in awe and she hopes to be able to reach that level of play in the near future.

“I love everything about tennis – the speed, the tactics and the agility of the players. I love the feeling of running around the tennis court, the excitement it brings me when striking the ball and the satisfaction I get when the audience applause”, she gushed.

Wan is a huge sports fanatic as well. She grew up playing a range of sports, but admits that she always had a soft spot for tennis and playfully blames her mother for that. Wan’s mother currently works as a tennis coach and it was because of her that Wan started training. She cannot be more thankful for being introduced to the sport.

The WTA Finals team wishes both Au-Yeung and Wan the best as they train for the WTA Future Stars event in the coming weeks!

The WTA Future Stars event is held in conjunction with the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global. Catch the WTA Future Stars U14 and U16 Finals on 22 October before the opening ceremony of WTA Finals for free. Click here to get your tickets to the WTA Finals.