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Advantage Singapore – The Final Serve

Silent Auction for SportCares
Terms & Conditions

  1. Background
    1. This silent auction (the “Auction”) is conducted in connection with the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global 2018 (the “Tournament”) and shall be governed by the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). By placing a bid in the Auction, bidders agree to be bound by these Terms.
    2. The organizer of this Auction is Lagardere Sports Asia Pte. Ltd (“LSA”).
    3. This Auction is open to all attendees at the ‘Racquet Club’ hospitality facility (“Racquet Club”), except for employees of LSA involved in the administration of the Auction.
    4. All proceeds of this Auction will be donated to the charitable program operated by Sport Singapore under the brand “SportCares” administered under the Vision 2030 Fund, a charitable trust to enable donors to contribute in support of programs for the advancement, promotion and development of sports in Singapore.
    5. For the avoidance of doubt, WTA Tour, Inc. is not a sponsor of this auction and is not liable for its marketing or execution.
  2. How to Bid
    1. To submit a bid for a signed racquet (a “Racquet”), bidders must complete the official auction slip provided and place it in the collection box corresponding to the relevant Racquet (a “Bid”). Bids may be submitted from the time opening of the Racquet Club on 21 October 2018 until the closing of the Racquet Club on 28 October 2018 following the conclusion of the final match of the Tournament (the “Bidding Period”). Bidders must complete all sections of the Bid slip and LSA reserves the right to reject any incomplete slips.
    2. A Bid, once submitted, will constitute a binding offer to purchase which is capable of acceptance by LSA. Each Racquet will be awarded to the highest bidder for that Racquet, subject to payment by the successful bidder of their Bid amount. Bids shall be deemed inclusive of GST and/or any other applicable tax.
    3. Bidders may bid for one or more Racquets and each separate Bid shall constitute a separate offer to purchase. In the event that a single bidder submits the highest Bid for more than one Racquet, they shall be deemed to have committed to purchase each such Racquet.
    4. Once an individual’s Bid is submitted, it is considered a final submission and may not be modified, edited or withdrawn.
  3. Announcement of successful bidders
    1. Following conclusion of the Bidding Period, LSA shall contact the highest bidder for each Racquet via the email address included on their Bid slip and shall announce the successful bidders on the Tournament website, social media channels and/or email to the Tournament mailing list on or around 5 November 2018. By submitting a Bid, bidders consent to their name being published via any such channels.
    2. In the event that equal highest Bids are submitted by more than one bidder for the same Racquet, LSA shall be entitled to conduct a ‘tie-breaker’ to select the successful Bidder, the nature of which shall be determined by LSA at its discretion.
    3. Instructions for payment will be included in the email notification to the successful bidder. Award of each Racquet is conditional upon the successful bidder: (i) producing, if requested, identification documents (NRIC / passport) for verification purposes; and (ii) paying their Bid amount in full.
    4. Racquets may be collected by the successful bidder following LSA’s receipt of their Bid amount in fully cleared funds in.
    5. In the event that a successful bidder has not paid their Bid amount within 14 days of notification by LSA, LSA reserves the right to award the Racquet to the second highest Bidder. Any bidder whose Racquet has been forfeited or withdrawn shall not be entitled to any compensation, notwithstanding any non-receipt of notification.
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. The award of a Racquet shall constitute a purchase of goods by the successful bidder from the manufacturers of the Racquet and LSA provides no warranty and assumes no liability or responsibility for any defects in the redeemed goods. LSA is not an agent of the manufacturer. Any dispute about the quality or performance must be resolved directly with the manufacturer. To the maximum extent permitted by law, LSA will not be responsible for any injuries, loss or damage suffered as a result of the redemption or usage of the Racquets.
    2. Racquets may in no circumstances be resold, re-auctioned or otherwise exchanged for value by the successful bidders.
    3. LSA’s decision in respect of all matters in relation to this Auction, including but not limited to the determination of the highest Bidders and the operation of any tiebreaker, will be final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.
    4. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and any marketing or promotional material relating to the Auction, these Terms shall prevail.
    5. Any personal data submitted by the participants in bidding in the Auction and/or accepting any Racquet will be collected and used solely for the specific purpose of the administration of the Auction and in accordance with current Singapore data protection laws and will not be disclosed to a third party or used for other purposes without the bidders’ prior consent, save to the extent set out in these Terms and/or as necessary for the arrangement and administration of the Auction.
    6. The failure or forbearance of LSA to enforce at any time any provision under these Terms shall not be deemed to be a waiver or relinquishment of the right of LSA thereafter to enforce any such provision.
    7. LSA reserves the right to cancel the Auction and/or amend these Terms without notice.
    8. These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.